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Cast-Therapy (Yesotherapy)

Casting is a treatment (Yesotherapy) which eliminates localized fat, diminishing waist size almost 1.0 cm per session. It is a great technique to mold, not only female but also male shapes and to fix some non-aesthetic postures. Cast-Therapy does not cause dehydration or loss of muscle mass volume. Cosmetic casting molds areas such as belly, love handles, arms and legs.
The Cast-Therapy treatment starts by massaging the target areas. This massage is intended to mobilize fat from the surrounded area and concentrate it in a central point in order to smooth the entire region. Then a lymphatic drainage is done to eliminate fat through urine. A burn fat cream is applied to increase body sweating. Finally, a cast bandage is put on the area to be molded and shaped. People should wear cast for a period of 24 to 48 hours, then have it removed back.
In order to obtain faster and better results, cast-therapy can be combined with other body contouring methods such as Ultracavitation, Vacuum-Therapy as well as maintaining a proper diet and exercise regimen

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