Company Message - Monthly Specials !
Company Message - Company Message
Monthly Specials !

60 minutes Swedish Massage $45.00
Anti-Age Face Lift
Lift and tighten with out invasive surgery with RF Frequency  to produce maximum results with no discomfort.Youthful skin vitality is restored.
$49.99 per session
6 sessions of cavitation
(body-contouring) only
 Loose fat and get into that bikini body Fast !
*for a limited time only
Get a tighter leaner abdomen with Radio frequency Skin Tightening treatment
6 sessions for only $120.00
non-invasive treatment that involves radiofrequency and massage technology to treat fat.  The goal is uniform heating of the subcutaneous fat layer at sustained therapeutic temperatures.  This differs from other radiofrequency treatments for skin tightening (more on this later) because it safely targets a deeper layer of tissue where the fat lives.  Unlike other treatments, there is no minimum fat thickness required to safely treat an area.   It is designed to be comfortable with no down-time.   The treatment usually takes less than one hour, and sort of feels like a warm stone massage. 

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