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The ExcellentBenefits of Post-Surgical Massages
Cosmetic surgeries are now common inWorldwide. Plastic surgery procedures such as- liposuction, tummy tuck,blepharoplasty and other plastic surgery treatments are very common. Many thinkthat they would only need to take care of themselves and get rest after theseplastic surgery procedures, but there is one thing you need to do which notmany do after cosmetic procedures and that is having postoperative massages.
The massage is a simple set of techniquesperformed by both hands and sometimes with other body parts by a masseuse or atherapist. After the surgery your body will be weak and your muscles and jointswill all be sore and would need to relax for a bit. This is needed to make yourecover quickly. At Miami New Life Plastic Surgery you will only have the bestpost-surgical massages which you need to help your body recover better.
The basic benefits you can get from thesemassages
 would be a reduction of pain and inflammation, improved healing andprevent subcutaneous fibrosis liposuction, prevents capsular contracture inbreast augmentation and would quicken the disappearance of bruising.
Having massagetreatments after a procedure:
When you undergo some plastic surgery like atummy tuck or an arms and thigh reduction procedure it can accumulate liquids.This can harden and that would lead to fibrosis so it is imperative that youwould have a massage for lymphatic drainage. This is a treatment whichincreases the lymph flow and activation of the lymph nodes throughout the body.This makes you improve circulation, eliminating bruising and quick recovery.
The lymphatic drainage is very important sinceit is a natural function of the lymphatic system, very essential for immunity.If it is not working it will cause some major problems with your health.Massages can help releases the inflamed tissues which then let the accumulatedliquid flow better in the body.The massages can begin after the first week ofoperation was performed. They can do it with 12 sessions of one hour to one anda half hour with ultrasound deep heat waves. This will upgrade in each sessiondepending on the patient’s condition. These can also change from 30 to 45minutes. The results can be very surprising.
The benefits youget from these massages:There are different benefits you can get fromthese massages alone. You can recover quickly and you can avoid subcutaneousfibrosis liposuction are just two of those. Another is the bruising willdisappear for three to four days easily. The pain will disappear quickly fromsurgery and the tissues are put back really quick. Inflammation has a highchance of getting reduced. Lastly it can release endorphins which support theimmune system.This can also prevent you from getting wrinkles, bags under theyes, hair loss, bust cellulite, heavy legs and wrinkled hands. It can alsocleanse your body and it is an anti-stressorPost-surgical liposuction Aftergetting the liposuction treatment, the post-operative massage is a good way tolet the liquids circulate again in your body that have pooled on the treatedarea naturally.

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